In Their Own Words


“I use my Kurzweil on a daily basis.  Kurzweil is the tool that I use to help me comprehend my required reading materials in a much more superior way than just reading it. Without Kurzweil I would not be where I am today.”   
 -Renita Pitts, UC Berkeley Graduate

"Learning is everything, you learn from other people every day.  Students learn better from other classmates and it has inspired me to help my fellow students.  I learn from other students and now I can give back the help that I have gotten!"
-Luis Hernandez, Laney College, Business Degree

"The Universal Learning Program/club has helped me as a college student because when I started as a freshman I was not confident enough to take transferable courses such as English.  But now that I have been in this program for awhile and I have had the opportunity to use the Kurzweil 3000 reading program I have improved my study habits and have the confidence to take transferable courses."
-Miguel Hernandez, Laney College, Business Degree

“I got an 'A’ on the first test.  I was stoked because I haven’t gotten an ‘A’ in a long time.  So gotta admit, it helped me on that one."
- LACC Student, Psychology

“I love learning, but I’ve had a hard time going through school.  I’d like to make it easier for others.  I think this program is a very good way of doing that.”

“There's more of a personal connection to the Instructor too, via the embedded text from the instructor.”
Khalil Yasin, Laney College, Architecture

“Saving time is the most helpful.  I like being able to set the pace for myself, and just get through the reading.  Repeat reading is eliminated.  When I read, I find myself reading the same sentence over and over again.  With listening, this doesn't happen.”
Anthony Griffin, Holy Names College

“It helps with taking notes and with reading quickly.  Helps keep me focused, even when I am really tired.  I can get a sense of what I need to understand quickly.”

“The Dictionary is very helpful!  Some words are not familiar.  This is particularly helpful because it not only gives the definition, but I can hear how the word is pronounced.”
-Ruth Ash, Laney College

“I like being at the computer to do my studying.”

“It's the new style!  Thank you!”
Joyce, Laney College

Laney College Student Mentor and Tutor, “I don’t tutor my peers, I simply exchange knowledge with them, for in most cases I learn more from them than they learn from me."
Eloy Ponce, Laney Student

UC Berkeley “I use my Kurzweil USB on a daily basis.  Kurzweil is the tool that I use to help me comprehend my required reading materials in a much more superior way than just reading it.”  
“It helps me create comprehensive study guides”
“I especially love how the Kurzweil USB is so mobile.  I can take it anywhere from the library at school, to the study lab and than home without worrying that I donʼt have my Kurzweil program with me.”
“Without Kurzweil and my USB drive, I would not be where I am today.”  
Karin England, Berkeley Undergraduate

“I was born in Taiwan, and grew up in Ecuador.  When I came to study in the United States I found a job tutoring Spanish.  Following that I began tutoring international students in the Universal Learning Lab.  I enjoy this lot. Tutoring students means a lot to me because there is nothing compared with the smile of thankfulness in students faces.  That smile is priceless. And that, my friends, is what I call melody to my heart” “FEEL GOOD"
Bryan Chen, Laney Student  

"No one decides who you are, that’s why we believe ourselves to define who we are."
Stephen Hy, Laney Student