Student working with instructor 


Inspire Faculty to Use Multi-Sensory Learning Resources 

Implementation Steps

  • General faculty orientation on Smartxt Universal Learning tools
  • Instructors self select to participate in program
  • Instructors complete questionnaire: Identify which technology tool works best for discipline and teaching style
  • Program manager sets up teacher software accounts (as needed)
  • Instructor participates in follow-up, hands on training, to practice with technology and create materials for class
  • Extended support is provided through "How To" Videos and Documents, Student tutors and virtual technical support 


Smartpens (Strategies for Audio/Visual recording of lecture)


Kurzweil 3000-Text-to-Speech (Strategies for converting your Free ebook into a multisensory learning tool with "Teacher in the Text")


Sonocent Audio Note Taker (Enhance recorded lectures with text and additional language)


Additional Support

  • Provide dedicated Student Tutor with technical skills to each class
  • May incude:  Scheduled trainings with program coordinator, Student Tutor for technical support, an instructor identified, in-class, student note-taker 

Teacher Makes Resources Available to Students

  • Notes, lectures and/or e-books published and uploaded to instructors online form for student access

Virtual Support (Using Zoom)



  • Instructor samples from different disciplines. Smartxt samples >
    (These samples use an outdated Kurzweil 3000 program, but they demonstate ways of adding instructor strategies into etext)
  • Instructors notes  from different disciplines. Descriptions >